Orthorest Hip Kits

The Orthorest Hip Kits are aids to help you with the daily struggles such as pulling up socks or tights, washing your back or picking up the rubbish. Turn your laced shoes to slipons with the elastic shoe laces along with the shoe horn making it handy, quicker and easier to get up and at it.

All items can also be bought separately.


Hip Kit - Sock Aid € 35.00

Hip Kit - Tights Aid € 35.00

The Hip Kit contains 5 items

Lightweight reacher - to help you grab hard to reach item

Flexible Sock / Stocking Aid - rolls into the sock to creates an opening for the foot and stays on the sock until pulled all the way onto the foot for easy application

Plastic Shoehorn - 22inch with hooked handle for comfortable hold for finger

Long Handled Sponge - 22inch, comfortable handle for easy grip.

Elastic Shoe Laces - 24inch, convert lace up shoes to slip on shoes