Gehwol Fusskraft Blue - Dry Rough Skin

€ 8.50

For burning, tired feet Naturally fresh GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT BLUE contains well-tried antiseptics for the prevention of athletes foot and itching between the toes. Perspiration is normalised and the decomposition of sweat is prevented. The power of nature in the form of rosemary, mountain pine, and lavender. The natural essential oils contained in GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT BLUE, revitalising camphor and cooling menthol, immediately soothe sore and aching feet. The feet are strengthened. Natural and skin-friendly fatty substances, such as lanolin for example, provide the necessary care for dry and rough skin and help to restore the skins elasticity, smoothness, and suppleness.


125ml Tube € 8.50

Moisturising, naturally fresh

Active Ingredients: Skin friendly emollient emulsion, lanolin, glycerin, aloe vera, urea, oil of rosemary, oil of mountain pine, lavender oil, camphor, menthol, farnesol, climbazole

A bath with GEHWOL Bath Salts cleanses softly and thoroughly, stimulates the circulation, revitalizes and strengthens the skin with the natural power of the oil of rosemary. The soothing substances are deeply absorbed into the pores and prevent excessive perspiration and odor.

Regular usage protects the skin against fungal infections with the active ingredient chloroxylenol. During the bath a fine and discreet scent of rosemary is produced and the water becomes silky-soft. Brush massages in the water intensify the soothing effect.

Dermatologically tested.
Also suitable for diabetics.


Massage the cream into the feet or the targeted area twice a day for
the treatment of dry skin.
Effects of product
Natural and skin friendly Lipids like lanolin in combination with mois-
turizing aloe vera and urea provide dry, rough skin with the needed
care which will help restoring the skins elasticity. GEHWOL FUSSK-
RAFT Blue also contains tried and tested ingredients to prevent foot
odor, infections, and fungi. Oil of rosemary and camphor promote
blood flow, menthol and mountain pine refresh, and farnesol de-
We recommend taking a warm foot bath to soften the skin before applying GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Blue