Comfort Grip Utensils

€ 25.62

Nonslip grips rotate for better control These utensils are ideal for anyone with a poor, weak grip, allowing maximum control with minimum effort, giving independence at mealtimes. Each utensil is lightweight, 85grams (3oz) each, with a sturdy, non-slip, 7/8" (22mm) diameter grip handle which rotates to accommodate most eating difficulties. The ridges on the handle help to position the fingers for a more secure grip. The blade of the Comfort Knife has been specially designed to be useful, both as a regular dinner knife and as a rocker knife. It has a curved cutting edge making it a suitable cutting knife for a one-handed person. Not only suitable for use in rehabilitation centres, but also attractive enough to use in the home. These utensils are institutional dishwasher safe and Latex free. Each utensil can be purchased separately.


Straight Fork € 25.62

Straight Knife € 25.62

Straight Teaspoon € 25.62

Straight Dessert Spoon € 25.62

Left Handed - Fork € 27.54

Left Handed - Teaspoon € 27.54

Left Handed - Desset Spoon € 27.54

Right Handed - Dessert Spoon € 27.54

Right Handed - Teasoon € 27.54

Right Handed - Fork € 27.54